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Join our Mark, as the old saying goes a change is as good as a rest and from April our Mark will be joining the team at Drystone FM with his new show Back Seat Driver.

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Views & News
Nissan 370z Road Test 2018 Skoda Karoq 4x4 Road Test 2018 SKODA Kariaq 4x4 TDI Road Test

SKODA Kodiaq 4x4 TDI Road Test

All New Karoq 4x4 SUV From Skoda

Nissan 370z Road Test

When Nissan or should I say Datsun first appeared in the UK back in 1968 they were regarded with both suspicion and maybe not a car manufacturer to take overly seriously.  Read More

The replacement for the all-conquering Yeti, Skoda’s new Karoq has a lot to live up to. When Skoda launched the Yeti in 2009 they didn’t so much introduce an unusual, Read More

A short while ago I looked at the petrol powered Skoda Kodiaq 4x4. Inherently, nothing at all wrong with the car apart from just one thing the fuel consumption. Read More

Nissan Nismo RS Road Test

Nissan Juke RS Nismo Road Test

Every now and again a manufacturer introduces a vehicle that transcends their original intentions. Austin and Morris did it with the Mini, VW with the Beetle whilst Skoda managed it with the Yeti. Read More

Citroen Dispatch Van

Citroen Dispatch Middle Weight Road Test

The latest three sizes van from the PSA Group, be it the Peugeot Expert or, as seen her, the Citroen Dispatch in whatever configuration, offers users an economical and competitive Read More

Specialised Automotive Services


KIA Expansion Plans

More or less carrying on from where they left of in 2017, #Kia’s unswerving aim of world automotive dominance is still under full swing. New or refreshed, Kia recently unveiled four updated models from the slightly beefed up X-Line Picanto, the GT-Line and GT-Line S Sorento SUV ….. Read More

KIA Expansion Plans

The sale of new cars has plummeted according to the statistics released by the SMMT in March 2018. Read More

Kia Stinger Road Test 2018

KIA Stinger Road Test 2018

At last, Kia has stepped into the performance car market. So much so that this car actually gets admirers round it even in the supermarket car park along with that age old question....’Read More

Vauxhall is set to axe one in three of its dealerships putting at risk 3,700 jobs - as it becomes the latest firm to be hit by a slowdown in car sales. The firm, which is owned by French giant PSA, will cancel contracts with all of its 326 dealers in the UK before striking new deals with only better performing branches. Read More


KIA Sorento Road Test

Kia Sorento Road Test 2018

As the demand for SUV’s continues to grow and Kia’s Sportage remains the manufacturer’s more prolific seller, it’s the larger Sorento SUV that at times tends to be overlooked. A genuine seven-seater or huge load lugger,. Read More

Honda Civic Road Test 2018

All New Honda Civic Road Test